The chart on the right depicts the past 12 months of current price quotes for Mexico Iron Ore in comparison to Platt's IODEX. While NSMC typically is 15% below Platt's on spot orders, it is significantly lower on larger orders over extended term contracts. We currently have 8 operational mines with an additonal 8 mines on standby specifically for NSMC customers. An additional 32 mines are available for JV Mine developments for clients looking to ensure long term stability and quality control. Our published monthly allocation can be viewed by clicking here.
The chart on the left depicts NSMC price quotations for Russian R50-65 rail which is approximately 65% of Platt's from our Russia based holding yards. The Chart below reflects NSMC orders on ISRI 200-206, also known as HMS 1 & 2 80/20. Over the past few years, Russia has significantly reduced export of scrap metal for their internal usage but NSMC has stored significant quantities in other holding yards to fill most orders.
Network Scrap Metal Corporation only uses its own contracts that are managed by registered agents and court officers acting as escrow attorneys. This is done to ensure proper communications over terms, conditions and policies necessary for a safe and secure transaction. NSMC only sells material that it owns or has a collective interest depending upon the material and laws of the country of origin, it does not act as a broker and is the original seller.
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